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Fish Scale Cocaine: what is it?

How is cocaine used?

Fish Scale Cocaine is the purest form of cocaine Fish Scale Cocaine is a high quality cocaine, an illegal recreational drug. Cocaine abuse is associated with a long list of dangerous effects on the body. Treatment options vary, but include detoxification and intensive care programs. Simply put, bulk cocaine is the purest form of cocaine. […]

Causes, Signs & Effects of Cocaine Addiction

What are the different types of cocaine?

Cocaine Addiction Effects What is Cocaine Addiction Effects?? Cocaine, also known as coca, coca cola, crack and rock, is an extremely addictive stimulant derived from the leaves of the coca plant that is grown in South America. More about cocaine This illegal drug is distributed in two forms: powder cocaine and crack cocaine. In its […]

Fish Scale Cocaine

What is Fish Scale Cocaine

What is cocaine cut with to make it look like fish scales? What is Fish Scale Cocaine?? Cocaine is an illegal stimulant drug, often referred to as the drug of the 1980s and 1990s. In fact, it has been around for centuries. The ancient Incas chewed coca leaves to increase their heart rate and speed […]

What Is Fish Scale Powder?

Buy Fish scale powder

Buy Fish Scale Cocaine Buy Fish scale powder. Illegal drugs come in many different forms that non-users may not be familiar with. One of the most complex illicit drugs available today, cocaine, is especially complicated when it comes in various fillers and additives. One such additive that has become increasingly popular among recreational drug users […]