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What Is Fish Scale Powder?

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Buy Fish scale powder. Illegal drugs come in many different forms that non-users may not be familiar with. One of the most complex illicit drugs available today, cocaine, is especially complicated when it comes in various fillers and additives. One such additive that has become increasingly popular among recreational drug users over the past decade is fish scale powder.

The ingredients of cocaine

Cocaine is an illegal stimulant drug that generally comes in the form of a white or off-white powder. With the impending legalization of marijuana, cocaine is now the most widely used illicit recreational drug. While cocaine was notoriously used and abused in the 1980s and 1990s, new additives are bringing this addictive drug back into the spotlight. Cocaine has seen more new and repeat users in recent years due to chemicals such as levamisole.

Fish scale powder: What is it?

Levamisole is the technical name for fish scale powder. The chemical has been called “fish scale powder” because it resembles cocaine, with a shiny, slightly flaky appearance. Although levamisole is most commonly used as an anthelmintic in livestock (to kill parasites), it is now increasingly used as a cutting agent in crack and cocaine. Fish scale powder is often mixed with cocaine and sold on the street. It can have a bitter taste or cause numbness in the mouth.

So, if this additive is commonly used as a medicine for livestock, why do people use it? Buy Fish scale powder

Why do people use fish scale powder?

Basically, fish scale powder is used to enhance and prolong the stimulant effects of cocaine. It is known as a powerful bulking agent, which gives users a feeling of euphoria, energy and alertness. However, fish scale powder is more expensive than regular crack or cocaine. It is known to be very pure, which can drive up selling prices. In addition, traffickers can use fish scale powder to store a drug such as cocaine so that they can sell it at a higher price. Buy Fish scale powder.

The effects of fish scale powder.

Because the use of fish scale powder in cocaine is relatively new, there is not much information or medical data to support its effects. However, it is known to make the effects of cocaine more intense and longer lasting. The side effects can also be more dangerous than with regular cocaine. Side effects of regular consumption of fish scale powder may include:

anxiety states
panic attacks
increased heart rate
loss of appetite
heart damage
Heart attack
Cerebral infarction
People who use fish scale powder are more likely to develop heart damage than people who use pure cocaine. In addition, fish scale powder can contribute to severe depression and suicidal thoughts. If you have a history of mental illness, fish scale powder can lead to even more dangerous complications. Users should also be aware that gout after using fish scale powder is more serious than gout after using pure cocaine. Buy Fish scale powder.

Cocaine Dependence and addiction

Cocaine and fish scale powder are very addictive; some people become addicted after a few uses. They may develop positive energy and chase cocaine until their mood begins to change. Signs of cocaine addiction include changes in sleep patterns, risk-taking behaviors, neglect of hygiene, hiding, lying, mood swings, loss of interest in activities, financial problems, difficulty swallowing, and loss of smell. Buy Fish scale powder.

Addiction information and education

The best way to make sure you are not using mystery chemicals is not to buy illegal drugs. Many dealers mix cocaine and other drugs containing levamisole and other substances. If you decide to use recreational drugs, it is important to know exactly what you are taking before you use them.

If you would like more information about the ins and outs of cocaine or any other illegal drug, call our addiction experts at 937-601-3401.

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