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What you must know about crack Cocaine

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Buy crack Cocaine. Today I want to talk about Crack Cocaine, the devil himself. This drug is a crystalline form of cocaine, which usually comes in a solid block or in crystals ranging from yellow to light pink to white.

Most often, this drug is heated and then smoked; the reason its common name is Crack is because it makes a popping or crackling sound when heated. Crack is the more vigorous form of cocaine and also the more dangerous of the two. Don’t get me wrong, cocaine is dangerous too, as you read in my previous post on “What you should know about cocaine”. However, crack is typically 75% to 100% pure.

When smoking this drug, it reaches the brain much faster, resulting in a more acute and immediate sensation that lasts about 15 minutes. Smoking leads to a very fast addiction, as fast as your first drag, based simply on smoking rather than inhaling.

Cocaine has been considered a “rich” drug because of its high cost, but crack, on the other hand, is much cheaper, so cheap that even teenagers can afford it. It is important to remember that maintaining an addiction to crack will become expensive due to the fact that the amount needed will increase each time.

Some of the street names:

24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Devil’s drug
First Time
Apple Shot
Sugar Block

Short-term side effects of cocaine:

Loss of appetite
Contraction of blood vessels;
Intense euphoria;
Increased heart rate and body temperature
Dilated pupils
Strange and violent behavior
Feeling of insects under the skin
Anxiety and paranoia
Strong desire for drugs
Panic and psychosis
Seizures and sudden death from high doses

Long-term side effects of cocaine:

Permanent damage to blood vessels;
Damage to liver, lungs, and kidneys;
Severe chest pain;
Respiratory failure;
Weight loss due to malnutrition;
Reproductive problems and infertility for men and women;
Increased risk behavior;
Severe depression;

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The psychological addiction to crack is incredibly powerful, because it stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain. Addiction almost always starts as soon as the first “hit”, due to the fact that it is smoked and enters the bloodstream immediately. Tolerance develops very quickly and therefore it is impossible for the addict to return to the first high, resulting in increased drug use.

Up to 90% of addicts will relapse within the first year of recovery, many due to not understanding the emotions and behaviors that accompany the prolonged withdrawal phase.

Recovery from addiction is no longer a mystery, and in the last 20 years, science has understood what NA and AA have accomplished in the last 78 years.

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